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Discover the beauty of Rome

in an unconventional

and funny way!

The first in Rome

and today the leaders

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A unique experience

that only the Segway HT

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Renting point 1 - PIAZZA DEL POPOLO

Piazza del Popolo 3: Right from the square (most famous, visited and popular square) by renting a segway you can tour the downtown area of the Eternal City easily and at leisure. Segway is ideal to appreciate at the best Rome's monuments and wonders, such as the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Venice Square, the Presidential Residence Quirinale Palace, Coloseum and so on, savoring the charming spell of streets and alleys of historical city center.

Renting point 2 - VILLA BORGHESE

Villa Borghese: the rental point is located at the end of Viale Belvedere ( coming from Trinità dei Monti) or taking the steps that from Piazza del Popolo are ending in the Pincio's terrace. You'll cross the terrace and you'll find us there.
We have plenty Segways but, if it's possible, we suggest you to make a call to find out the availability or directly to book
There you'll find Ahmed, mob. +39 392 5221423 and Elia +39 320 0475851 that after a short training ( for whom never draw a Segway) will give you a Segway and you'll be able to visit most of the finest spot of the park such as the charming Garden lake, with its Eusculapio's temple set on a small island, the little temple of Diana, Fetonte sarcophagus, the Sea Horses fountain and the Peschiero one, the Casina dell'orologio and Casina delle Rose, the horse racecourse, cultural places as the famous Borghese Gallery, the Civic Museum of Zoology and much more.