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Segway Rome - What's the segway?

Why is convenient and pleasant to use it to discover Roman beauties
Segway HT - noleggio Segway Roma

The Segway HT (Human transporter) is a means of individual transportation which integrates a mix of informatics, electronics and mechanics to provide an innovative, original, highly advanced, ecological electrical vehicle, capable of reaching 20 km/h speed and 40 km of operating range.
It's a new one axle twin wheel scooter, that moves forth, stops, backs up and turns, following one's body movements, practically becoming an extension of your mind!

The Segway is equipped with rotation sensors and solid state gyros, consenting a prompt counterbalance reaction that makes impossible to lose balance and hence to fall.
A new way of riding the city fast and green, come and try it!

Assistance or further information on Segway rental service can be obtained contacting us by phone at +39.380.3012913 or by email at


Discover how enjoyable is sightseeing Rome riding a SEGWAY! Come and visit us at the rental stalls and we'll be pleased to provide you with any required information.

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Rental point 1 - PIAZZA DEL POPOLO

Piazza del Popolo 3: Right from the square (most famous, visited and popular square) by renting a segway you can tour the downtown area of the Eternal City easily and at leisure. Segway is ideal to appreciate at the best Rome's monuments and wonders, such as the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Venice Square, the Presidential Residence Quirinale Palace, Coloseum and so on, savoring the charming spell of streets and alleys of historical city center.

Rental point 2 - VILLA BORGHESE

Villa Borghese: at short distance from the Pincio terrace (overlooking a beautiful scenario of Rome), you can start touring with our Segway, visiting inside the Villa the charming Garden lake, with its Eusculapio's temple set on a small island, the little temple of Diana, Fetonte sarcophagus, the Sea Horses fountain and the Peschiero one, the Casina dell'orologio and Casina delle Rose, the horse racecourse, cultural places as the famous Borghese Gallery, the Civic Museum of Zoology and much more.